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    The computer lab curriculum is a developmental program, supporting the Delaware State Content Standards, the National Educational Technology Standards, and the Delaware Technology Graduation requirements.  The curriculum was developed in conjunction with the middle school and high school technology programs.

The curriculum for Grades K-2 includes activities in:
  1.  Jostens Integrated Language Arts program
  2. KidWorks (Davidson)
  3. MathKeys (MECC)
  4. SuperPrint (Scholastic)
  5. GoldenBook Encyclopedia and the Internet
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The curriculum for Grades 3 - 6 includes activities in:

  1.     Computer Literacy
  2.     Keyboarding
    1. Type to Learn (Sunburst)
    2. Keyboarding (Jostens ILS)
  3.     Applications
    1. Word Processing
      1. KidWorks (Davidson)
      2. Student Writing Center (The Learning Company)
    2. Graphics
      1. SuperPrint (Scholastic)
  4.     Research
    1. Electronic Encyclopedia
      1. GoldenBook Encyclopedia
      2. Compton's Multimedia Encyclopedia
    2. Telecommunications
      1. Netscape Navigator
  5.     Multimedia
      1. HyperStudio (Roger Wagner)
      2. MicroWorlds (Logo)

      Favorite Web Sites:



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