The ABC's of

Web Page Evaluation

for Intermediate Elementary Students

The Internet provides us with much information in just an instant.  Since anyone (even you, me, and our friends) can publish information on the Internet, it is important to carefully evaluate the web sites before using the information in reports, projects, discussions, and activities.

DirectionsPrint a copy of this page and have it beside your computer as you examine a new web site.  Read the  ABC evaluation criteria below.  Put a star beside each letter if the web page contains the needed information.

Name_____________________________________        Date ________________________

(Web Site name)
(Web Site URL)

 ______  A - Author
                (Things to look for:  The author of this web site is named.  The author is qualified  to write about the subject.  The information is accurate and can be verified in other places).

_______ B - Bias
                (Things to look for:  The web page presents the information in a fair, objective manner.  The web page is free of unnecessary advertising).

______ C - Coverage
                (Things to look for:  The information on the web site is believeable, useful, and valuable to know).

______ D - Dates
                (Things to look for:  The web page shows  the date when the page was created.  The web page is updated regularly).

______ E - Editor
                (Things to look for:  The web page names an editor or a fact checker.  The web page has a reputable sponsor such as a university or a government agency.  The web page contains a bibliography).

Scoring:  Count the stars the web site has received.    Draw the stars next to the web site name at the top of this page.   Does this web site have enough stars to be useful to you?  Which of  the ABC's are the most important?  Discuss and share this information with your classmates.

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